“Each choreographer shares their uniqueness when they create. THE LAB is where I'll share mine..."

- Pam, THE LAB choreographer


In early 2017, Pam's passion for creating dance routines and choreographing was reignited after submitting a video for a Major Lazer choreography competition. Her serious passion for dance and an understanding of its power, coupled with choreography skills, the ability to teach others and support from her husband, friends and family, have led to the creation of THE LAB.

THE LAB dance initiative aims to challenge, connect and empower people through dance.

[ learning and performing choreography which challenges the mind and body ]
[ engage with others in collective learning and performing of dance routines at classes aka EXPERIMENTS. to start conversation with strangers through dance activations in public spaces ]
[ building confidence in ones self through nailing choreography ]


The first initiative out of THE LAB are six week dance terms called EXPERIMENTS.

Each EXPERIMENT focuses on a specific artist, music genre, or ‘vibe’. Pam creates the choreography which is then taught to participants aka lab rats* and performed in studio. Visit the INSTAGRAM page for videos and photos from experiments.

[ wed 21 feb ] --> the DUTTY RIDDIM experiment commences... find out more.

Other opportunities:

 ROGUE-LAB: for those who want to learn a routine seen on the instagram account, but can't attend classes, a private session can be arranged.

CO-LAB : for businesses, groups who want something choreographed specifically. think flash mobs, team building etc.


 *please note: THE LAB dance initiative does not support animal testing. It does, however, support the reaction of movement through sound on humans…

"Born of a mother from Peru (South America), a father from Trinidad (a Caribbean island just North of Venezuela) and raised in Scotland, I've been exposed to a mix of different cultures as you can imagine: music, food, customs, and my favourite: dance! From an early age I explored different styles of dance: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and then I fell in love with Hip Hop! I would travel by foot, bus and train for hours, in rain, hail or shine - or all three in one day (we're talking Scotland here) to get to a class."

"From dancing down the streets of Trinidad for hours during Carnival to representing Aberdeen Scotland at a Hip Hop festival in France, performing salsa, hip hop and breakdancing; teaching and choreographing pieces; placing third in the ‘up and coming’ freestyle category at the street dance competition in Scotland; performing with a Samba band at Glastonbury; Pole Dancing at Bobbi's Perth; and currently instructing The Jungle Body dance cardio program here in Perth."

"It's a mash up of everything: Hip Hop, Dancehall, Jazz, Contemporary. The music is the thing that really determines the dance. I create the choreography after selecting tracks that hit me at my core. Right now I love the dancehall sounds of MAJOR LAZER, the grunge of UK garage, and the sass that the one and only Queen Bey radiates. This music is what you can expect from upcoming EXPERIMENTS

As mentioned earlier, I also instruct THE JUNGLE BODY programs - dance cardio based workouts - alongside my sweat sister Lauren. We go by the name The Jungle Body Fix. This work keeps me fit, keeps me sane, and I LOVE our tribe! It has also acted as a stepping stone to launch THE LAB. Feel free to check it out on Instagram and Facebook."