EXPERIMENTS focus on a specific artist, music genre, or ‘vibe':

Pam, creator of THE LAB, selects tracks and experiments with movement determined by the sound of the chosen artist or music genre. This choreography is then taught to participants aka lab rats*, and performed in a studio space in North Perth, Western Australia.


$20 casual access (class by class)
$100 fixed access (six classes)*term length may vary from experiment to experiment.
As places are limited, BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL



--> Beyonce + Rihanna FOOTAGE


*please note: THE LAB dance initiative does not support animal testing. It does, however, support the reaction of movement through sound on humans…


lab rats

'An individual who participates in THE LAB experiments. Those who:

  • used to dance but it's been years since stepping into a class;
  • have several years dance experience and want to try something different;
  • have just started classes and want to be challenged; and
  • like the music genre/artist chosen for the experiment.

[ the DUTTY RIDDIM experiment. part one. ]

commences February 21st lab rats wanted. casual or fixed term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Routines are intermediate level: you should have experience learning dance choreography. Dance initiatives by THE LAB are for those who used to dance but it's been years since stepping into a class; those who have several years dance experience and want to try something different; or those who have just started classes and want to be challenged. Still unsure, contact THE LAB.

Send a message here. Make sure to advise whether you're booking in for the full duration i.e. six classes or if you'd like to book in casually (i.e. class by class). You can also book in for more than one class. Just advise of the dates.

Once you confirm your attendance and there are spaces available you'll be provided a reference to organise a bank transfer payment prior to the class start date.

Why pre pay? Prepayment is requested to ensure fairness as space are limited. If a class is fully booked, and a participant doesn't turn up, someone else who may have wanted to come, misses out.

If you're unable to pay by bank transfer, depending on the circumstance, something could still be arranged. Simply get in touch.


The class commences with a warm up, stretches and light cardio. Following this, the choreography is broken down in counts of eight to then repeat over and over. You'll be given time in class to run through the moves in your own time and to ask questions about specific moves too. Once the section of choreography has been learnt, it will be performed and recorded in studio. The footage is used to track progress and showcases THE LAB activities to others.

During the class we will revisit choreography previously taught. Just be mindful that not alot of time will be spent with this, as others will be wanting to learn the next section of the routine. It's strongly advised to follow THE LAB on INSTAGRAM as this is where videos of routines will be posted for you to get familiar with the moves ahead of class.

Right now, EXPERIMENTS run on Wednesday nights at 6.30pm in North Perth. If you see a choreography you like and want to learn, you can. THE LAB offers private group dance classes so you can get your friends together and set a dance #fitdate to learn one of the routines from an EXPERIMENT.

To discuss this opportunity further, contact choreographer Pam using the enquiry form here.

THE LAB offers dance initiatives and isn't an actual physical space. For example to undertake classes, like EXPERIMENTS and private group dance classes, a studio space is hired out. This makes it pretty flexible in where activities are operated. Stay tuned for additional studios and class times.